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Triumphs and Turmoils

Release The Shutter: A Journey

When I discovered photography, I was at a point where I wanted to give up on life. I believed I was a burden to society. Today I'm so happy I never gave up on myself, and instead decided to persevere and chase photography to find out where it could lead me. I’ve discovered an undying passion for automotive and action sports photography, as well as a strong drive for business and entrepreneurship. Once I decided to pursue this path, I was lucky enough to have my parents help to enroll in school. I learned a lot during my studies, but if I wasn’t smoking weed to ease my mental health issues, I know I could have learned a heck of a lot more. Heading to school was the best first step I could have taken to turn my life around.

While immersed in my studies I came across two of many amazing teachers of my craft, Tim McGhie and K. Jennifer Bedford, who both taught me that while there were no real limits in photography, it would likely be the most difficult task I ever undertake, but would be well worth the effort. In my first few years of seriously attempting photography, my ADHD and a fear of limiting myself had me convinced not to stick to one singular niche. However, once I narrowed my focus to automotive photography, I became very vigilant and motivated to be the best at it.

I have had some extreme difficulties with this, and wanted to give up more times than I can count. I’ve cried and felt deeply depressed as doubts have snuck their way into my mind. I’ve also had some extreme high moments, and been very happy and excited about the direction my business is headed as it takes shape. But most of all, through the lows and highs, I’ve remained focused for the first time in my life!

I will be shooting high-end cars, racecars and superbikes, dealership advertisements and car spotting. During car spotting, when I see a car I like, I take phone photos, write a personalized greeting on my business card and leave it in the window of the car (if not given the opportunity to speak directly to the owner, of course.) This has been a successful and interesting marketing experiment, and has connected me with some very cool new people. I plan to emulate the successful high-end automotive photographers out there. One of my favourites, and a highly talented artist is Lucas Scarfone. Lucas started out shooting photos at the Toronto International Auto Show as a young kid, and at this past iteration of the Show, Lucas had an amazing booth, filled with some of the most beautiful cars you could find. For some more of his work, check out his magazine Autostrada, or find him on Facebook @Scarfonephotography and Instagram at @scarfonephoto or his website, .

Finally, as a sincere thank you for being a reader of my new blog, I’d like to offer you a one-time 35% discount on a photo shoot, for up to 10 photos! Just quote the title of this week’s blog, ‘The Journey', in an email or inbox message to me, your friend Richard, to redeem this offer. Stay tuned every Monday for a new blog post and some photos of amazing cars!

Your friend, in happiness,

Richard Hornby

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