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Triumphs and Turmoils: Fighting fears

Updated: Aug 5, 2019

I’ve always been a pretty fearful person. I have, however, in the last two years finally learned how to better deal with my fears. I used to smoke weed and drink alcohol to try and make them go away. After discovering art therapy, in the way of photography, I was finally able to find a way to put my fears at bay - a reason not only to be sober, but to thrive in this tumultuous world.

I would like to take this time and share what photography has taught me about my fear and anxiety. Photography and art have afforded me an outlet to show what means the most to me in the world, in the exact way I see it, like nothing ever has before. In addition to this I have also been lucky enough to experience being more in the moment through my viewfinder. When I first began college for photography, I had a pretty hard time talking to others and making friends. To get over this fear I decided to try something I learned by watching others. Every time I rode the bus to and from campus, I would attempt to start a conversation with a random stranger. I would typically find a particular article of clothing that was unique or looked new and compliment it with a smile on my face. For example, one time I choose a person's boots that looked brand new and shiny and just pointed out how cool I thought they were, to which the person replied 'thank you', and we ended up chatting for the next week on the bus every day about our lives and our future plans. Through this I learned a wonderful way to make others feel good about themselves, as well as more likely to want to talk to me. I have since brought this to all facets of my life, including photography as well as UBER where I get lucky enough to learn of others lives and what they’re striving for. Since I began driving UBER and taking myself more seriously as a photographer, I’ve met so many amazing people and was able to turn my introverted tendencies into extroversion in the pursuit of being a better photographer.

Since I began the practice of learning of others journeys and pursuing photography, I’ve learned I really enjoy the process of building a business while being the best possible version of myself. Recently, I celebrated one year and 8 months without a drink and, surprisingly for myself, I hit 9.5 months without smoking weed. My new addictions are photography and business. All of this has changed the entire fabric of my being and I can finally just be myself. I didn’t know until now that I’d ever be able to be so happy and positive in this life.

This week's blog has been a bit sappy and personal again, but I just wanted to share how I found out focusing on your passions is a great way to find happiness and joy and just be the person you were always meant to be. Next week is going to be more automotive photography based and at that time I'll share a few tips on how to get some different shots that no one else in the industry may be doing (*hint* - it's all about failing!)

Your friend, in happiness

Richard Hornby

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